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We generate attentiveness

whether as a meeting point at one of your events, as an eye catcher at an expo, or for the foyer of your company. iGlobe leaves a lasting impression on its clients, guests and colleagues. And all in the twinkling of an eye, because you can rent iGlobe from us for your next event. We can have the iGlobe set up at your desired location by a four man team in one working day, based on your individual requirements and a rental time of 1-10 days. Dismantling is just as fast.


iGlobe is ready to rent for your next big company event. Set up a Cafe Bar inside your event and treat your colleagues and guests to a delicious espresso. Your visitors can talk comfortably at tables or at the bar itself. The iGlobe has a diameter of 6m, plenty of space for a chat with a colleague or guest.

The iGlobe can also be used perfectly as an information point, providing visitors with all the relevant information, such as flyers and prospectus about your event and the stands on display. It could also be used as a convenient registration spot for all your guests. Because the iGlobe is made of stainless steel, it can easily be set up outdoors.

If you are planning a big event and are still looking for an eye catcher, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Expo Stand

Stand out in the crowd, draw in and captivate the expo visitors – these are not unattainable expo goals.

The iGlobe will give your expo stand that something special which will catch the attention of visitors and thereby potential clients. Whether it is an eye catcher you are looking for, a platform to introduce your product or display your international character, the iGlobe will provide you with that little something different to help you to make your expo that little bit more special.

If you feel like the iGlobe might be just what you are looking for to add to your next expo, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


The iGlobe is not just an eye catcher, but also a magnetizing element that can enhance – for example – your company foyer.

Imagine a 6m diameter globe in the entrance hall of your company and the curiosity and interest this would awaken in both your co-workers and visitors.

If you are working with a limited time budget, you can use the iGlobe as a „Global“ information centre – be it with the help of hostesses, information stands or a video displayed along the the iGlobe „equator“.

Your company logo or an advertising banner can adorn the iGlobe equator, creating another eye catcher for your visitors.

If you feel like the iGlobe might be just what you need to add a certain something to your foyer, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


We Create a Spotlight…

for your products and services,
for your internationality,
for the uniqueness of your company.

The iGlobe is the fruit borne from the passion and creativity of our architects, who have thereby provided us with a presentation platform that will contribute to the success of your event or expo, or will help your company foyer to shine.

The iGlobe enables you to stand out in the crowd by setting the scene so that your products and services may shine. The globe-like shape further enhances the internationality of your company. As an eye catcher, the iGlobe not only draws attention but also seeks to present the authenticity of your brand.

To stand out at an expo, to capture the attention and imagination of the visitors is not an unachievable feat. The iGlobe will give your event, your expo or your company foyer an inimitable presence which is sure to draw in the crowds and clients.

Point of Information

The iGlobe is a centre for information. With various forms of media support, you can help explain your product and services and thereby bring the expo guests or clients closer to what it is you have to offer. The equatorial inner belly of the iGlobe presents you with the opportunity to play, for example, product videos or image films on a loop. Touch screens can be installed so that visitors and clients can carry out searches more pertinent to their questions.
LED lighting enables you to create both visual effects and atmospheric lighting within the iGlobe. For example, cool blue tones help create a calming experience, red-orange tones give it a homey feeling and yellow energises.
The right music selection in the background can further add to the comfort feeling, or a voice over can motivate your visitors‘ and clients‘ interest in your product. It is up to you.

Point of Internationality

Bearing in mind that the promotion and growth of your internationality is one of the significant factors here, it is important to properly share this with other expo members, guests, clients and visitors. Using the iGlobe as a world map, you can provide everyone with a visual display of where in the world you are or have been active. The iGlobe, your Globe, signals your internationality.

Point of Interest

The iGlobe is a place of interest because it has a magnetic effect on those who pass it, capturing their curiosity. A company can draw attention to itself so as not to disappear in the masses and lose out to competition. The eye catcher that is the iGlobe can be an effective tool, as it can not help but draw attention to itself. Use the iGlobe equator for advertising banners or visual media to further captivate the attention of your target group.

At the EuroBLECH 2016 in Hannover, the iGlobe was put to use by world leading precision blanking company Feintool from Switzerland. The 6m wide globe was the absolute eye catcher on the 400m² expo floor. The equator was put to good use with visual media on several screens about both product and production, giving the viewer a better understanding of what Feintool is all about.


Motiva DV Support GmbH – Erlangen

Dennis Amand, Sales Manager

Standing out of the crowd, the visitors were impressed and captivated; all that we could achieve with the iGlobe!

ICOM from Alling has devised a presentation form with the iGlobe, which gave us an outstanding appearance. With media support, we were able to bring our products and services closer, which are in need of explanation, to the fair’s visitors.

MOTIVA DV-Support GmbH is an Autodesk Gold Partner who also supports its customers with services.

We would like to thank ICOM for the iGlobe and wish them many other interesting projects and customers.


Bernd Eichenhofer, Managing Director

For me, one of the special aspects of the iGlobe is the fact that it is technically and conceptually with the times. It can be equipped with the most modern equipment so as to more effectively offer the visitors a truly interactive experience.
The use of stainless steel and 3D formed perspex means that it can be used again and again, something which is also in line with the aim of expo and event architecture to become more sustainable. All materials used can be reused in some form. We created the iGlobe using high quality materials so that it would be able to withstand the test of time, meaning that it could be adeptly reused without any difficulties, not only an ecological bonus, but also a financial one.
I am also impressed by the the iGlobe’s versatility – be it events, expos or conventions, or a company foyer – as well as that it is not restricted to one type of company. There is the potential for so many different types of uses and places for the iGlobe to grow.
The iGlobe will not only draw attention, but will also serve as a magnet drawing in visitors. Of this I am certain.


Volker Brüsch, Architect

The following are some of challenges faced when constructing a globe:
How do I use the natural angular slant of our planet to create an inviting entrance to the globe’s “Ballroom“? What material do we use to create the continents?

We decided on a skeleton made of horizontal and vertical elements which could be covered with a “Skin“. The horizontal elements are ring beams: Floor-, equator- and head ring.
This holds 12 meridians, the vertical elements, enabling us to break the 18m diameter construction down into more practical parts.
The meridians are made of stainless steel. A strong, honest, no nonsense material which can survive without the need for any kind of protective cover and can easily handle static weight.
The 12 head meridians are the same size. 10 Foot meridians at varying heights give the globe its slant. The head and foot meridians are held together by the equatorial wheel, which they are slotted into, and are attached with screws. This gives the skeleton a seamless look. The equatorial ladders, all of which are the same size, can be covered with mouldable material from both sides. The skeleton is built in such a way that there is enough depth for cables to be laid, as well as the attaching of monitors or led panels without space being sacrificed. For the “skin“ that makes up the continents, the choice was made to use thermally mouldable synthetic materials. Another argument in favour of this material was that the glossy surface and edges would not require any further work.

To finish off, a few technical details about the iGlobe:

  • Weight: approx. 2 Tons
  • Height: 5 Meters
  • Width: 6 Meters
  • Set up time: 2 days for 2 man team
  • Dismantling: 1 day for 2 man team

Our Offer


By using the example below we will give you an idea of the iGlobe rental costs

1. Rental of the iGlobe for 1-10 days
Metal construction and skeleton made of polished steel.
– Continents made from perspex formed to the globe.

2. Individual requirements
– Media equipment consisting of 4 x 50“ monitors, inside or outside, as required.
– Equator with 4 company logos.

3. Transport, Montage and Demontage
– complete, in the Munich area

ab 20.000 € n​etto

The versatility of the iGlobe in terms of individualization, such as media and visual content, location and rental duration mean that this price may vary. This is something, however, that we are more than happy to discuss and plan with you, so as to make your iGlobe experience one to remember.


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